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Wireless Intruder Alarms


Why a Wireless Alarm System

alarm system There are many types of home security systems in the market these days. People are literally spoilt for choice when they set out to buy home alarm systems. But all these number of choices also mean that people are confused about which type of home security systems they should get for their premises. After all, most of these security devices in the market are really advanced and sophisticated, and therefore all very good at guarding your home. It therefore becomes hard to choose one good product out of a wide range of other good products. But still, you have to choose one, and while most home alarm systems may be good at what they are primarily meant for, that is, home security, there are also other considerations.

It is with regard to these other areas that wireless alarm systems score a little more than other types of home security systems. Here is a brief list of the advantages of wireless alarm setups over hardwired setups:

  • Ease of installation:

    Wireless alarm systems don’t need any wires to be laid throughout the length and breadth of a building. Nor do you have to install any ducts to hide and carry the wires, like in hardwired home alarm systems. You just place the sensors in vulnerable areas, and you are done. In fact, they can be easily be re-installed by yourself when you are moving home. No need to call in the security experts again.
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    Cost effectiveness:

    A wireless alarm setup is relatively less expensive, because you don’t have to buy any cables. Nor do you have to buy new cables to fit your new house when you move, or pay the security company for re-installation (see above). Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the installation costs of wire ducts.
  • Aesthetic appeal:

    Wireless systems are unobtrusive, and do not spoil the look of your interiors.


Now that you are aware of the advantages of wireless home security systems, you should be able to decide if the above given points are important to you. Angle Security is dedicated to providing homeowners and businesses with burglar alarm systems that suit their needs. All our security consultants are trained and experienced, and everyone that comes to your home or workplace to assess, install or maintain your burglar alarm, has been screened to ensure that you're getting the best possible service from a trustworthy source.
All our systems comply with current British Standards and we're constantly striving to ensure that you're 100% happy with with every service of ours.

Click here to get a quote, or call us on 020 3507 0098.

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