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System maintenance

All security systems should be regularly maintained if you wish them to work as designed. In some cases your insurers may not honour any insurance claims if you cannot prove that your system has been regularly maintained to the correct standard. Our maintenance program can be applied to Intruder, Fire, CCTV, Access Control and Gate Automation.

Access Control

Whether it be a simple electronic keypad operated system or a more advanced swipe card/proximity/biometric system. Ongoing preventative and corrective maintenance is vital if you wish the system to continue to do what you originally intended it to do, that is, control the access of persons in and out of a building.

Door entry systems whether they are audio only or video with audio need to be maintained. They often get abused and vandalised and therefore need regular maintenance to keep them working as intended. In most cases these systems are interfaced with a locking system on that door. If that locking system is not checked and adjusted where necessary it will not lock properly thus the system is compromised.

With the advent of dedicated computer controlled and IP access controlled systems, maintenance is all the more important. Who will talk you through a software issue when you\'ve forgotten how to enrol or bar a token? Who will talk you through setting up a new calendar schedule? Who will come and repair the electronic locking system on that door when it fails to operate correctly? These are all issues that would be taken care of with a suitable maintenance program.

Gate & Door Automation

Following recent unfortunate bad press about the use of gate and door automation it is vital that your systems work as designed. Failure to keep your systems working correctly could result in injury to persons or vehicles. Whether you have standard gate rams, underground motors, vehicle barriers, or overhead door operators all these systems should be interfaced with the correct safety sensors to prevent the gates/doors from hitting anyone. Occasionally these systems are misused and vandalised which can often cause damage to the gates/doors/barriers. It is therefore essential that these systems are regularly checked for correct operation. All safety sensors whether they be surface mounted or underground loops need to be tested for efficiency in their application.

Regular maintenance of all these systems would make sure that are all working as designed. Any essential repairs or replacement parts would be identified and costs advised prior to any installation. We aim to be cost effective, professional and most importantly competitive.

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