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CCTV has evolved..

Now you can protect your business with the industries leading Broadcast Quality, True (HD) High Definition CCTV surveillance solution. Crime is on the increase, and there is no reason at all to expect that they wont continue to do so.

Until now...

Our High Definition (HD) CCTV provides Live and Recorded CCTV pictures in unparalleled detail - delivering quite simply the Security Industries best image quality by far and providing the finest evidence available - highly detailed images for easy facial and number plate recognition.

Why HD CCTV...

HD CCTV system will increase effectiveness and hence value. The instantly visible benefits are proper facial recognition and detailed verification of incidents. The operational benefits include intelligent motion detection and stock monitoring, resulting in increased apprehensions. It will naturally follow that as an organisation then becomes more motivated, higher proactive use of HD CCTV further increases effectiveness and value without increasing costs.

 A simple comparison between three different qualities


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